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Product Image Teensy 3.0 Microcontroller

Teensy 3.0 Microcontroller


The Teensy 3.0 is an Arduino compatible microcontroller developed by Paul Stoffregen, and used by the Tilty Duo, Quad, and Omni. It uses a powerful 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller to pack an amazing amount of power and function into a "teensy" package.


  • 128K Flash Memory, 16K RAM, 2K EEPROM
  • 48 MHz clock speed (overclockable to 96 MHz)
  • 34 Digital I/O Pins (all with interrupt capability, 10 surface mount on the bottom of the board, and all 5v tolerant)
  • 14 13-bit Analog pins (10 shared with digital I/O pins, 4 surface mount on bottom of the board)
  • 10 PWM Channels
  • SPI, I2C, and 3 Hardware Serial Ports
  • 7 Timers for intervals/delays separate from PWM

There are three variants available as well:

  • The "No Headers" variant includes just the Teensy 3.0, without any headers.
  • The "With Headers" variant includes headers for the Teensy to plug into a breadboard or a Tilty Duo or Quad. You can choose either standard headers or the special "low-profile" headers required to shorten the Teensy enough to allow add-on board stacking. However, the headers are not soldered to the Teensy.
  • The "With Headers Assembled" variant is the same as "With Headers", except that the Teensy will come with the headers pre-soldered and ready to be plugged into a breadboard or Tilty control board.