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Product Image Tilty Quad

Tilty Quad


The Tilty Quad is the four-axes version of the TiltyIMU, tailored towards applications such as R/C or autonomous aircraft or omni-directional surface vehicles. This can range from planes, to helicopters, to quadcopters, to rockets to surface vehicles that use omni wheels, mecanum wheels, or even a crab-drive. The Tilty Quad is capable of measuring acceleration, angle, and rotational velocity in any dimension without any additional hardware or software (same as the Tilty Duo), but is also be capable of measuring compass heading and altitude thanks to a built-in version of the advanced IMU add-on. The Tilty Quad can be used in all the same ways that the Tilty Duo can, with slightly better heading/yaw sensing thanks to the compass sensor.

With the small size, light weight, compass, and altimeter, the Tilty Quad is perfect for aircraft of any kind. And with the addition of a GPS you can make the aircraft fly itself. Or with the addition of an R/C receiver adapter, you can log data of a flight or even have the Tilty assist with flight control.


  • All the power of the Teensy 3.0 microcontroller and the MPU-6050 IMU
  • 4-Mbit of on-board flash memory
  • An HMC5883 Compass sensor to detect heading and improve IMU measurements
  • An MPL3115A2 pressure sensor capable of measuring altitude, accurate to <1 ft / 30 cm, and temperature
  • Four standard R/C servo connections for servo or motor control, inputs from a R/C receiver, or generic inputs for sensors
  • Voltage sensing to track battery level and usage 
  • Voltage regulation capable of handling up to 24 volts input (12 recommended) with reverse polarity protection
  • Optional built-in master/slave bluetooth (bluetooth header allows for adding it later, though only slave mode will work)
  • Expansion headers to connect to numerous add-on boards
  • Small 1½"x2" footprint which is breadboard compatible with the addition of four 8-pin male headers
  • All of the Teensy's through-hole pins are available for use, including:
    • SPI, I2C, and all 3 UART serial ports
    • 24 Digital IO pins
    • 10 Analog inputs
    • 10 PWM outputs
  • The Teensy microcontroller just plugs into the Quad, meaning it can be removed and used in other projects or on a breadboard

Please note that the Basic and +Bluetooth versions of the Tilty Duo do not include a Teensy 3.0, which is required for use of the TiltyIMU.

Please allow 2-3 days for shipment.